The Richmond Arts District (Downtown Neighborhood Association) is hiring for the position of Part-time Communications Coordinator


Part-Time Communications Coordinator

Job Description

The DNA/RAD Communications Coordinator will facilitate communications for the DNA/RAD Board of Directors and on behalf of neighborhood businesses and organizations with guidance from the DNA/RAD from the Board. He/She/They will help promote special events and programming, including First Fridays, as well as general promotion on behalf of the arts organizations, retail spaces, restaurants, and related entities located in the neighborhood.

The DNA/RAD Communications Coordinator will be thoroughly familiar with the DNA/RAD Statement of Purpose and context all communications accordingly.  Additionally, he/she/they will manage communications within the neighborhood on behalf of the DNA/RAD Board to create a sense of cohesiveness and unity.

Expectations/Special Skills

Nonprofit administration, grant writing, well organized, good communicator – verbal and written Independent contractor.  $2,000/month.

External Communications

  1. Gather event/calendar information from all First Fridays venues through email correspondence, Facebook postings, and signing up for all First Fridays organizations’ email lists.
  2. Promote FF openings and programs through emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Promote FF openings and programs to traditional media.  Create and maintain a media list.
  4. Promote businesses and restaurants.
  5. Gather special events and other information from restaurants, retail spaces, and other businesses through email correspondence, Facebook / Instagram postings, and more.
  6. Promote non-First Friday events (other openings and events) for all businesses and organizations.
  7. Coordinate and update all graphics and imagery associated with FF.
  8. Manage a neighborhood calendar
  9. Serve as a liaison between RAD/DNA Board and Venture Richmond communications manager

Neighborhood Communications

  1. Serve as liaison between DNA/RAD board and neighborhood/membership.
  2. Coordinate monthly DNA/RAD board meetings
  3. Coordinate quarterly membership meetings
  4. Facilitate regular correspondence with the neighborhood/membership (i.e., monthly emails) that provides updates on changes, issues, and developments in the neighborhood.
  5. Maintain a presence in and around the neighborhood, coordinate gatherings, and invite business owner engagement.
  6. Coordinate DNA/RAD dues/membership.
  7. Regularly highlight a variety of businesses and organizations.
  8. Attend all DNA/RAD membership, board, and executive committee meetings.


To apply, please send a resume and a brief note about your interest in the position to