Who can set up a sidewalk display?
Arts District businesses and storefronts with existing and current business licenses.

When can we have the sidewalk display set-up?
During First Fridays (April 7th) from 5-10:30PM. All displays and trash should be removed at 10:30 pm.

What are examples of a sidewalk display?
Sales racks, merchandise tables, outdoor tabling for services (only applies if you are conducting an extension of business you are licensed to operate within your space)

What rules should we follow for our sidewalk display?
Goods and services included in sidewalk displays should reflect what the business is licensed to sell within its storefront. Displays shall not block the sidewalk egress for pedestrians and at least 60”pedestrian clearance is required.

What is not allowed?
No food trucks or other vendors are authorized under this permit. Displays shall not block the sidewalk nor extend beyond the specified times.

Why are sidewalk displays for my business allowed during First Fridays?
First Fridays has obtained a permit from the City of Richmond to allow sidewalk displays for existing businesses within the Arts District from 5-10:30PM during First Fridays.

If you are planning to set-up a sidewalk display within the parameters outlined in this post and the permit, please let us know via e-mail (see below) so we can provide you with the permit number.

Keep a copy of our contact person’s information should you receive any questions regarding the permit:
contact name: Morgan Carey
e-mail: morgantcarey@gmail.com